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FRESH MUSIC IN THE AIR is dedicated to exploring and promoting new orchestral music of contemporary composers, providing significant incentives for composers helping to pursue creative endeavors in new music and to enrich the music culture of our times.

Music Up Close Network support new commissions of new orchestral works by Orchestra Partners in various ways:

  • Ensure the widest possible audience through performances that take place in a variety of cultural contexts and for a range of different audiences;
  • Organize Orchestral Encounters on a variety of settings addressed to young people and families to the enjoyment of the orchestral music;
  • Present Pre-Concert Talks by the musicians to facilitate the comprehension of music by young audiences

Every new orchestral commission will be presented with Pre Concert Talks by the composers and accompanied with additional material collected in an online Multimedia Companion Concert Kit (video backstage, composers and soloists interviews, booklet program concerts, virtual score presentation) which will facilitate the enjoyment of music by young audiences