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Jump Start provides talented young musicians with an International Orchestra Training Residency of the highest artistic standard. In partnership with the Slokar Academy, Music Up Close Network offers the opportunity to more than ninety young musicians from around Europe annually to benefit from the unique musical experiences with the Ljubljana International Orchestra. Weekly coaching with internationally renowned guest artists and conductors, rehearsals and performances in Ljubljana and other cities in the Balkan Region.

The International Orchestra Training Residency Program seeks to prepare musicians of the highest artistic caliber, who are engaged intensively in the orchestral repertoire for careers as symphonic players. The young professional musicians are trained to participate fully in both performance and other aspects of life in the modern orchestra, such as orchestra governance, artistic planning, community engagement, and audience development.

In addition, the Work Experience Exchange Program allow to strengthen the capacities and skills of professional operators experiencing in another Orchestra Partner and share new methodologies and strategies to engage young audiences and to experiment within specific contexts

The Orchestral Training Residency will be held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) annually in collaboration with Branimir Slokar Academy. Music Up Close Network will select young professional musicians to have the opportunity to train and perform symphonic and chamber orchestra concerts in collaboration with the Ljubljana International Orchestra in the Balkan countries (Bosnia & Erzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia). The Orchestral Training Residency has a comprehensive approach to the development of artists and propose to promote orchestral performers as team leaders, applying their skills in the new settings, working collaboratively and exploring partnerships with other sectors