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Musical Ambassadors Program facilitates cultural exchange and builds bridges between  music and the intercultural dialogue. Through the Music Ambassador Residency, in partnership with the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, young artists selected from all over Europe will be trained to become music ambassadors by means of intercultural & interdisciplinary actions.

Music Up Close Network educational activities aim to support participants own creativity and provide access to the world of orchestral music and musical forms. Music Workshops for families, music lovers, young people and schools will be realized to facilitate contact with orchestral music. Each Orchestra Partner will realize participative Music Workshops annually to enable young people to meet musicians, exchange ideas, and find inspiration.

Music Ambassadors Residencies and Music Workshops for young people are all educational activities aim to support participants own creativity, teach independent thinking and provide access to the world of orchestral music and music form. In particular the Music Ambassadors Residencies will train artists to set up the conditions for collective intellectual/creative work, to free everyone’s creativity and become ambassadors of the humanist values by means of intercultural & interdisciplinary actions.