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Nurture the Future wishes to develop enthusiasm for orchestral music among young people by allowing them to participate in new music co-productions throughout Europe and give them insight into the professional world of classical music.

These concerts intend to reach new and younger audiences by integrating programmatic themes and other modes of communication in order to present orchestral music in alternative formats. Young people will be selected to work together to produce public concerts, seeking to impart insight into the presentation of orchestral music, to create a legacy of commitment and enthusiasm to engage with concerts in the future.

Three different concert formats will be realized addressed to young people, schools and families:


Young people will work on formats, scenic ideas and music repertoire with a stage director and an official Orchestra. They will then design program notes and promotion materials in collaboration with the Marketing & Communication Departments of the Orchestra Partners.


This is a musical concert format which will mix several arts: orchestral music, digital animation and storytelling. A participative concert format in which young audiences will help young musicians on stage to put on their show by choosing bits of the story, its setting, its main characters and music.


The third concert format is making young people an essential part of the concert: being its principal actors. Young Orchestral Ensembles and Choirs present classical music in alternative formats by integrating programmatic themes and other modes of communication in order to reach new and younger audiences.

Nurture the future intends to reinvent and rejuvenate existing orchestral repertoires, as well as continuing to perform high quality orchestral concerts and pioneer new works by Young Orchestral Ensembles. The Network plans to sustain new artistic productions  in innovative formats, collaborating with other art forms (video, theatre and live technology) in performances in which young audiences are actively involved, experiencing a completely new experience.