Artistic Residency in Mohiville

17 May – 24 May 2017

17 May – 24 May 2017
Château du Ry Rue de Ry 7, 5361 Mohiville

In the framework of the Music Up Close Network led by the Accademia di Santa Cecilia, the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation will organize once a year a Music Ambassadors Residency lasting 7 days in Belgium to train 20 young musicians called Music Ambassadors to promote live music to their peers, in order to increase youth attendance at music concerts. The Music Ambassadors aged between 18 to 28 years will promote the project activities such as the Music Workshop for young people and will participate to some Orchestral Encounters that allow an active and direct involvement of young people to the enjoyment of the orchestral music.

The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, having a strong reputation in art expression and intercultural dialogue, will also organize 4 Music Workshops annually in 9 different countries such as Portugal, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Kosovo, Hungary and Germany (IYMF is a Network with branches in 12 countries in Europe and beyond) to work with children aged 10-12 years old of unrepresented cultural groups such as non-Western immigrants and young people with a low level of education. Young Music Ambassadors will use clear, simple and direct music examples and body language to communicate so as to involve young audiences, creating an inercultural dialogue and not a monologue.

In this project, the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation will work with some partners, all members of the Music Up close Network (of which the IYMF is also a member):

La Fondazione Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
L’Orchestre National de Lille
The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra
Barcelona Symphony Orchestra
L’Orchestre Philharmonique de Sarajevo
L’Orchestre International de Ljubljana
Montenegrin Philharmonic Orchestra