Ambassador Artists Residential Session No.2

Music ambassadors residencies

Within Music Ambassadors Residency organized by MUCN partner International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, cellist of Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra Ana Dulovic took part in one week program in Belgium.
This residential session introduced an innovative methodology that combined art creation and collective intelligence, aiming to transform the individual and society by freeing everyone’s creative forces. The sessions pointed out rhythmic awareness through body experience, body as a collective creation medium, musical composition & soundtrack, undiscovered possibilities of voice and its relation with the body and the group, as well as creation based on collective improvisation such as drama exercises and mental preparation for the creation process. They had workshop with a class of children from a school of Grand Halleux, and focused on the relationship with nature, including the use of natural materials, in order to generate sounds and compose musical pieces.

12:00 am
Vielsalm (BE) view map
International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, Montenegrin Music Center