Cellos & Drums

Music productions by young orchestral ensembles

Cellos & Drums
27 and 28 March
Auditorium Parco della Musica – Rome

From Baroque to Rock
Giovanni Sollima and Edoardo Giachino
with the Cello and Percussion Ensemble of “Santa Cecilia Music Masters”

In co-production with Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra|Netherlands Chamber Orchestra
Concert will be replicated at Amsterdam on March 31, 2018

The concert will present music  of different styles and periods especially arranged for an ensemble of cellos and percussions. Giovanni Sollima and Edoardo Giachino, teachers of the Cello and Percussions master courses at the Santa Cecilia Academy, will lead some of their best students in an exciting musical voyage through time and genres, with an unusual and highly original combination of rhythms, timbres and sounds that will captivate and engage the audience.


Terry Riley
In C

Giovanni Valentini (1582 – 1649)
Sonata in sol minore
con percussioni antiche

Henry Cowell (Menlo Park, 1897 – New York, 1965)
Ostinato pianissimo

J. P. Sweelinck (Deventer, 1562 -Amsterdam, 1621)
Echo Fantasia
arrangiamento per cello ensemble di G. Sollima

Edoardo Giachino
Eights in A

Giovanni Sollima

Frank Zappa (Baltimora, 1940 – Los Angeles, 1993)
Wild Love

Beatriz Andrés Molero, Piero Bonato, Ilario Fantone,
Riccardo Giovine, Alessandro Maccione,
Gianluca Montaruli, Costanza Persichella,
Gianluca Pirisi, Federica Ragnini, Ludovica Rana,
Emma Kroon (Holland), Anjali Tanna (Holland),
Nitzan Laster (Holland)

Carlo Alberto Chittolina, Daniele Daldoss,
Gabriele Genta, Francesco Persano,
Giuseppe Zeverino

12:00 am
Rome (IT) view map
Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia