Giovanni Sollima – Music Up Close Cello Ensemble

Music productions by young orchestral ensembles

After performing concerts at the Cello Biennale Amsterdam and the Parco della Musica in ‎Rome, cellist Giovanni Sollima conducts the Music Up Close Cello Ensemble in Barcelona, a ‎group that features young cellists selected by the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia ‎‎(Rome), the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra (Amsterdam) and L’Auditori. ‎

This project, which forms part of the European Music Up Close Network cooperation ‎programme, has given young people the opportunity to work with the celebrated Italian ‎cellist who has devised a repertoire that enables us to travel through Europe and the ‎traditions of its countries. It is the “story of a history”, exploring cultures that are seemingly ‎distant but that have become interconnected and continue to fuse today.‎

This concert is the result of the co-production between the Accademia Nazionale di Santa ‎Cecilia, the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra (Amsterdam) and L’Auditori de Barcelona.‎


Soghomon Gevorki Soghomonyan (Father Komitas) ‎
‎(Kütahya, Turkey 1869 – Villejuif, France 1935)‎
Krunck, trad. Armenia – arr. G. Sollima
Vincenzo Bellini (Catania, Italy 1801 – Puteaux, France 1835)‎
Symphony Adelson e Salvini – arr. G. Sollima
Egberto Gismonti (Carmo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1947)‎
Ceco Aderaldo – arr. G. Sollima
Luigi Boccherini (Lucca, Italy 1743 – Madrid, Spain 1805)‎
Fandango – arr. G. Sollima
Niccolò van Westerhout (Mola di Bari, Italy 1857 – Naples, Italy 1898)‎
Pau Casals(El Vendrell, Spain 1876 – San Juan, Puerto Rico 1973)‎
La Sardana
Giovanni Sollima (Palermo, Italy 1962)‎
Ako Umram il Zaginam, trad. Macedonia‎
Pixinguinha (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1897 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1973)‎
Jaques Morelenbaum (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1954)‎
Segura Ele
Giovanni Sollima (Palermo, Italy 1962)‎
Bêri (from Ellis Island) ‎
‎Fronni d’alia<7em> and Pizzica Indiavolata, trad. Salento

08:00 pm
Barcelona (ES) view map
Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest, Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona