Multidisciplinary artistic residency 2017

17 May - 24 May 2017

Music ambassadors residencies

The innovative “Ambassador Artists” residential session was meant to have a long-term effect on society through art/creativity and collective intelligence by:

  • training artists to become ambassadors of the humanist values of Yehudi Menuhin by means of intercultural & interdisciplinary actions;
  • setting up the conditions for collective intellectual/creative work, to free everyone’s creativity through supra-sensitive communication workshops, in a group entity, leading to long-term self-transformation.

The residential session offered workshops conducted by 7 ambassador artist trainers.
The trainees experimented elements such as rhythmic awareness through body experience, digging undiscovered possibilities of our voice and its relation with the body and the group, body as a collective creation medium, musical composition & soundtrack, creation based on collective improvisation, drama exercises, mental preparation for the creation process, etc.

In this project, the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation will work with some partners, all members of the Music Up close Network (of which the IYMF is also a member):

La Fondazione Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
L’Orchestre National de Lille
The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra
Barcelona Symphony Orchestra
L’Orchestre Philharmonique de Sarajevo
L’Orchestre International de Ljubljana
Montenegrin Philharmonic Orchestra

12:00 am
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International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation