Multidisciplinary Artistic Residency 2019

Music ambassadors residencies

The innovative “Ambassador Artists” residential sessions are meant to have a long-term effect on society through art/creativity and collective intelligence. The workshops led by ambassador trainers put forward an alternative to the usual decision-making processes in human groups, through the fluidity of the artistic creation process. They propose a random and organic leadership system based on mutual trust, non-judgement, non-competition, acceptance of uncertainty and disempowerment of the ego. This one-week residential session offered to the 10 participants to experiment the rhythms of Latin American and African music with Osvaldo Hernandez-Napoles, a musician of Mexican origin, the relationship between the body and the instrument with Hippolyte Bohouo, an Afro-contemporary dancer (from Ivory coast) accompanied by a guest percussionist, the Voice: ” tickling ” vocal cords, while helping to answer questions related to the voice; exploration of vocal abilities with Diane Broman and the practice of modal music, the source of Oriental and Western music and work together on a collective composition and improvisation with Dimitri Psonis.

12:00 am
Vielsalm (BE) view map
International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation