Work Experience Exchange Program – Igor Perovic (MSO Management)

Work Experience Exchange Program

As a selected person from Montenerin Symphony Orchestra, Igor Perovic (Orchestra Secretary) took part in Work Exchange Experience Program in France. The program host was the MUCN project partner – National Orchestra of Lille.
Igor Perovic met the management of the orchestra, and took the opportunity to get acquainted with the ways of production and performance functioning, and specific organization segments, in order to comper and possibly implement some of the management models within Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra. He monitored pre-genearal and general rechearsals (activities behind and on the stage), as well as several concerts (in Lille, Aubers, Paris) during his stay. He had the opportunity to get to know their metodologies and strategies in order to engage audience and cooperate with profesionals.

10:00 am
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Montenegrin Music Center