International Orchestra Training Residency 2018

6 July – 13 July 2018
Ljubljana (Slovenia), Cividale del Friuli (Italy)


Duration: 6 July – 13 July 2018
Cities: Ljubljana (Slovenia), Cividale del Friuli (Italy)
Arrival Day: Thursday, 5 July 2018
Departure Day: Saturday, 14 July 2018

In 2018 we will join Mittelfest and share our focus on the Millennials – the people born on the turn of millenniums. They were born at the end of 20th century and the beginning fo 21st century. They’ve grown up together with EU and they are truly the people of the New Age.

2018 is also a year when we commemorate the end of the First Word War. Ragazzi del ’99 were the kids on the turn of 19th century into the 20th. Their early youth was spent in the horrendous war. Many of them were killed in the battles. These boys defended their country and Europe.
In today’s confused and often disagreeing MittelEurope, “Ragazzi del ‘99” is a very significant project. It will remind all, in a big way, that our discords may lead to the horrible tragedy. The artists coming form several MittelEuropean countries will play together remembering those young people who lost their lives in the First World War. These young, talented, wonderful artists will show that they speak together in a unique voice hoping for a common future in peace and prosperity.

We have selected compositions that guide us and the audience on the timeline of the years of WW1 and direct us all in the better optimistic future.


A. Casella: Nell’Adriatico (from Pagine di Guerra, op. 25b)
S. Osterc: Suite for orchestra
M. Ravel: Piano concerto for Left hand
P. Eötvös: Alle vittime senza nome
L. Berio / Schubert: Rendering

Conductor: Živa Ploj Peršuh

The sectional rehearsals as the preparation for the programme are held two days before the tutti rehearsals, which are held for three days.
Programme will be presented at evening concerts within the Mittelfest of Cividale del Friuli and at the Ljubljana Festival.
During the working period, the participants have the possibility to experience various world productions at the Mittelfest and the Ljubljana Festival.
In the Ljubljana International Orchestra, young musicians from approximately 35 different countries receive excellent music education and strive to achieve the highest performance level. The orchestra enables international mobility of musicians in Europe and uses the power of music to encourage international dialogue.
The Branimir Slokar Academy supports the orchestra’s long term development, providing outstanding young musicians with the invaluable experience of playing in a symphonic orchestra and working with distinguished professors, conductors and soloists. The Ljubljana International Orchestra has performed in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Participate and join us in the most beautiful city in the world!
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