Culture Association BSA -Branimir Slokar Academy

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Excellence is our priority.
Connecting young energy with experience and knowledge is our drive.
The Branimir Slokar Academy is in the field of classical music one of the largest cultural and educational non-profit organisations in Europe. It is one of the three world’s most visited destinations of summer training for both participants and visiting professors and offers excellent conditions for the implementation of activities and accommodation.

The Academy presents a unique experience. Blending diversity and a modern approach with a rich tradition and musical heritage in the heart of Europe where a natural beauty and cosmopolitan but relaxed, lively vibe of the picturesque city of Ljubljana offer everything you need to get inspired and work in perfect conditions. It is based on the strengths of intercultural dialogue and it draws from the needs and interests of young musicians. It enables connectivity, comparability, upgrading skills, concert presentation and better employability. Both, the number and quality of the activities as the number of participants from around the world effect on the overall environment in which it takes place.

The Academy is named after a world class musician, trombone virtuoso, and excellent soloist and at the same time a devoted pedagogue, BRANIMIR SLOKAR. The name is homage to one of the finest musicians and his pedagogical work, which he has been committed to for four decades, as well as a commitment to the achievement of the highest goals in music and education.

The  Branimir Slokar Academy is the result of the implementation of the project Connecting through music, developed by the Association Delavnica for the European Capital of Culture Maribor 2012.

The project has been developed with various institutions from United Kingdom (MacLaurin Media Ltd and St John’s Smith Square), Czech Republic (Narodni Divadlo Brno), Serbia (Balkan Urban Movement), Macedonia (Interkultura), Austria (KSŠŠG) and Slovenia (Glasbena Matica Ljubljana and Ljubljana Festival) and with the support of musicians: Branimir Slokar, Klaus Arp, Reinhold Friedrich and Wolfram Christ; and many other incredible musicians, excellent soloist and distinguished pedagogues who joined the project in the last years.

Hence an internationally renowned career centre for education has been established. Up to date the Branimir Slokar Academy had numerous participants from 47 countries (Armenia, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Montenegro, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Croatia, Italy, Israel, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Colombia, Canada, China, Latvia, Macedonia, Hungary, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Taiwan, Ukraine, Great Britain, United States of America).

The Academy puts Slovenia on the map of the most distinguished European centres for music education, which offers young musicians excellent conditions for improvement, and broadening of horizons in art and music.

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