Montenegrin Music Center

Podgorica, Montenegro

Public Institution Montenegrin Music Centre is the main pillar of music life which acts at the territory of the entire Republic. Its establishment (4 May 2006) delivers an optimum possibility for a well-designed, well-planned and gradual overcoming of huge problems that have been burdening Montenegrin music culture for decades. By providing conditions for developing its activities, Montenegro finally obtains a music institution and music ensembles without which it would not be possible to improve music culture in an adequate manner.

Montenegrin Music Centre joins all the vital and infrastructural segments creating preconditions for development of national music culture such as: symphony orchestra, national orchestra, concert agency and music-information centre. Organizing complementary activities needed for their functioning will be also: music book shop and cd shop, music instruments shop and repair service and music classrooms.

After ensuring all the conditions necessary for its functioning, through coordinated action of all the most important segments of Montenegrin Music Centre, we expect huge steps to be made in a short time period in the national music culture, which we have been waiting for decades. Existence and activity of professional ensembles and institutions in the music culture will provide a strong incentive to reviving those forms of amateur music activity that have almost vanished, primarily that of choir singing, and create some of the preconditions for development of a professional folklore ensemble.

Montenegrin Music Center activities of are:

organization and realization of concerts of all music genres, musical theatre settings, as well as events of related content;
promotion of Montenegrin musician’s creative work and performance;
audio and video production of music and related contents;
music archive;
sheet music and musicology publication;
developing of cooperation and exchange programs with institutions of musical activities, and other institutions of a similar type in the country and abroad;
cooperation with the free initiatives in all aspects of artistic activities;
cooperation with independent cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations and associations in the field of musical art;
establishment of specialized schools (for music, ballet and folk dances) for all educational levels, which are related to the activities and ensembles of the Montenegrin Music Center;
organization of artistic and traditional music courses;
acquisition, distribution (trade) and service of musical instruments, music equipment and equipement for recording and reproduction of sound and images;
acquisition and distribution (trade) of musical literature, CDs and DVDs.

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