Regione Lazio

Rome, Italy

The Lazio Region is a local authorities of the Italian Republic. It is an ordinary statute region and has a range of legislative powers, including the enhancement of cultural and environmental assets in shared form with the State.
The Lazio Region promotes the knowledge and the exploitation of the material and immaterial cultural patrimony and the planning and the realization of models of exploitation and systemic fruition of the resources cultural, environmental and tourist presents on the regional territory, devoting specific attention to the theme of the economic and managerial sustainability.

The Lazio Region recognizes in the show a primary value, a fundamental component of the culture, a factor of economic and social development, an expression of the identity of the territory, an important tool of communication, formation, cultural promotion, of meeting and of social dialogue.

Among the institutional assignments there is the educational and cultural promotion of the citizens; for this it sustains and it valorizes the cultural initiatives of show live realized by public subjects and deprived that introduces particular interest and regional value, and they encourage the growth of new talents.

Regione Lazio

The Direzione Regionale Cultura e Politiche Giovanili promotes the heritage and the values represented by the culture and by the spectacle, as invaluable resources for raising awareness of citizens and economic development and employment. It provides for a balanced development of the activities of the performing arts (theater, music, dance) through a policy to support the production, distribution and exhibition, also interacting with state interventions of the Culture Fund (FUS) and promoting the creation of cultural laboratory.

It provides for the promotion of the region through the development of the film and audiovisual activities through support for the promotion and production. Promotes initiatives for the dissemination and knowledge of the cinematographic and audiovisual heritage understood as a cultural asset.

It promotes and supports foundations participated by the Region, the other entities employees, companies and other related entities. It promotes, through policy documents and multi-annual, the Cultural Services of the territory (museums, libraries, archives, cultural institutions and theaters).

It care of the implementation of existing regional youth policy, promoting socio-economic development, cultural, artistic and creative of the new generations.

It promotes cultural marketing and fund raising projects financed with EU funds, including the Structural Funds.

The Area Benchmarking Culturale e Qualità takes care of the harvest of good practices in cultural circle both to international level that national and regional. It promotes the development of advanced systems for the certification of quality of the services and the cultural activities and develops the diffusion of the entrepreneurial culture in the management of the goods and cultural activity through collaborations with University and corporate body of search.

A recent initiative of the Area is represented by the “Catalogue of the Good Cultural Practices of Region Lazio”.

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